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What is RealD Developer Kit?

The RealD Developer Kit (RDK) is a flexible solution to help game developers create any game in breathtaking, stereoscopic 3D.

Our solution implements RealD's proprietary algorithms to create a deep sense of volume throughout each scene and smoothly render transparencies, fog, and close foreground objects that trouble competitive S3D solutions.

The RealD Developer Kit (RDK) supports any platform and any engine to help you create the most immersive, stereoscopic 3D effect.

The RealD Developer Kit (RDK) is already integrated into Unreal Engine 3 and can easily be ported to other game engines and platforms.

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Key Features

Our proprietary AutoCam algorithm automatically adjusts camera separation to achieve the optimum depth in each scene. Scenes with a shallow depth of field require greater camera separation to create a deep sense of volume, while scenes with a large depth of field need less camera separation.

The problem is that fixing the camera for inside scenes makes outdoor scenes appear flat, and fixing the camera separation for outside scenes creates eye discomfort when objects get close. Our algorithms analyze each scene object by object to calculate the optimum camera separation in real-time.
In competitive stereoscopic rendering solutions today, objects in the foreground tend to have a full sense of volume while objects in the background appear more flat.

Our scientists have been working to improve stereoscopic display for decades and have developed a patented method of allocating the available depth throughout each scene to create a more natural sense of volume. With our solution, objects moving in z-space at a constant velocity appear to do just that, whereas with competitive solutions objects appear to accelerate as they come closer.

Inside scenes need more camera separation. Outside scenes need the cameras close. In traditional stereo rendering, objects near the front have a lot of depth. With our DBA algorithms, we can reallocate the depth to objects in the distance.
Fixing the cameras for inside scenes makes outside scenes appear flat. Fixing the cameras outside result in extreme eye discomfort when objects are near. However, everything else in the scene is very flat. This creates a more comfortable, non-fatiguing experience.
See how RealD 3D enhances the depth versus traditional stereo 3D rendering - download our video now!

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